ah glorious irony

Hey everybody, thank you so much for your concern and lighthearted mockery! No really, I mean it. I’ve been doing a pile of nothing much – cut two dresses with CK the other day (she having Very Generously offered to finish this show or I and the company would have been screwed!) It turns out, whatever it is I do might actually be HARD – at least it is with one arm. I was totally knocked out the next day, and am still doing basically nothing but enjoying the gorgeous weather. And wishing I could do something else!
The good news for me has been, I bought a new (to me) toy. Yes, I too can now sign emails with the cool-to-be-geeky tag, “from my iPod”. Which is where I’m typing this post from too, so I’m afraid there’s nothing much in the way of pictures today, as I haven’ t got any on here yet. Except those down below, which is apparently the only way I can load ’em from here, how annoying.
Well, annoying or not it is MUCH easier (don’t see any itallics either) to type on this tiny silly keypad, so I can post… and learning this thing and setting it up has kept me amused when I might otherwise have gone mad(der).
So the pictures that it promises to show, which I have no idea what they will look like, were drawn on said iPod with a silly little app that is loads of fun. Not that the pictures themselves are anything much, but as a way of sketching and developing ideas for later, “realler” stuff this is a blast.

Edit: ok I checked ’em out on a real monitor and I still like ’em! Yeah!


Well, spring was nice, but it appears to be summer now. We’ve had sunny days with temperatures that soar to the boiling point, suddenly explode into thunderstorms and cool everything down for the evening, and then the same thing all over again the next day. Yesterday’s storm was simply brilliant – there’s another one brewing right now, but it doesn’t look nearly so exciting. Yesterday we had wild smashing wind, and rushing clouds, and this really cool boiling hole in the sky with lightening and rain coming out of it. It wasn’t a funnel, but it looked like it could have gone that way if it’d wanted. Thankfully, it didn’t. I love storms. I was out at the back behind the barn watching this one come roaring across the fields, while Raven was out front taking pictures of the sky. (See, it’s not just me!)

Now, among those pictures I couldn’t show you the other day because my computer ate them was a shot of this very broken tree branch – actually about half a tree that had rotted out at the trunk and was only attached by the fact that it was hooked into the other branch. It should have fallen that day. We waited for it to fall. We’ve been wanting it to bloody well get it over with and fall so that it would be on the ground instead of hanging over us and the sheep like some kind of tree of Damocles threatening us with its crushing weight.

So yesterday, with sheep safely in the barn and chickens safely cowering under the deck, it decided to fall.

Remember how I said we’d finally finished the fence?