Oh dear heavens, people are actually reading this thing?

I hate bios, actually. Never know what on earth to say. I mean, it’s my blog, right? Isn’t that more “about Kelly Ridley” than anyone needs?

Well, in case not:

I majored in philosophy, which means I have a degree in “thinking too much”. After my graduation, since we had managed to remain alive longer than many people expected, my husband and I decided that the only decent thing to do was to retire to our country estate. Unfortunately, we didn’t have one; but with some help from The Ed (a magical figure around whom we’ve based a simple but satisfying religion, any resemblance to my mother’s boyfriend is purely intentional) we managed to get an old schoolhouse in the middle of nowhere that serves the purpose. I now live there with my husband, a dog, a cat, five sheep, and a large number of chickens.

I am a costume designer specializing in (but not limited to) historical dress. I am a knitter. I have had modest success with several methods of lace making, and have in the past year or two been amusing myself with various types of fabric manipulation and image transfer. I have been working with fibres and textiles literally all my life. My grandmother was a skilled dressmaker who taught me how to make doll dresses and tat lace. My mother is a fibre artist, who taught me patterning and technique and who constantly inspires my creativity and experimentation. My own work is definitely a mix of these two influences. I love the idea of “wearable art”: I am intrigued by the thought of my work becoming a sort of ‘living installation’ that by its very nature is worked into the fabric (so to speak) of daily life.


3 Responses to “About Kelly Ridley”

  1. jay Says:

    Hi, Having let loose the Treebog on an unsuspecting world back in 1994 I am so pleased to see it has been taken up by people all over the world – yourself being an example.

    I’d very much like an update on how your indoor/outdoor Treebog is doing and also some photos and ‘your Treebog story’ if you’d like it to be included it in the ‘one day to be published’ Treebog Book.

    Which I should be writing now for Permanent Publications, the publishers of the Permaculture Magazine, but proper work seems to keep getting in the way – and I’d rather be creating WET Systems than writing really…

    Also, if you get emails regarding Treebogs you might pass on my email so I can give advice to future Treeboggers.

    All the best


  2. jane Says:

    Hi there
    Came across your site while researching composting toilets.
    I couldn’t leave it
    Your home made composting toilet was the best I have come across and trust me what I now don’t know about composting toilets can’t be known.
    I really want to spread the word about composting toilets and treebogs can I link to your site, well the toilet bit from http://www.compost-it.co.uk as your chair idea is more imaginative than the usual box and bucket and much more convenient not to have to empty it.
    I am a knitter too among other things and I am very taken with your round think.
    sorry run off at the pen
    bye jane

  3. Jane Ellerington Says:

    hey i am a fellow fabric artist just came back from b.c. and missing my fellow artists i saw an article about you and would love to know more about what you do and if you sell homespun i have tried to get into spinning for years .get back jane

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