Random picture of an Alpaca getting naked:

But what I really wanted to say is, I feel great.  I feel like a naked alpaca with the breeze on my skin.  I spent six hours today in a really – intense, there is no other word – cutting session.  Having said that, I should mention for the sake of all the people who will now be misdirected by search engines that I mean cutting  fabric, not subcultural blood-letting.  Interesting as that may be, I’m only going to talk about costuming.  Sorry.

I am working on a dress for Jekyll & Hyde and it is somewhat complicated because that is the way I drew it on Saturday when I was doing sketches, and I got it all plotted out and all the pieces cut and rather a lot of assembly done, and I’ve had a lot of coffee and only a little sleep and it’s all going so amazingly well that I had to stop and dance on the front porch for a while to burn off energy.  It is good to feel this good.  It is good to remember that I can feel this good.

See, I’m shooting here for something that looks light and breezy, something that looks simple even though it isn’t remotely.  Also it would be nice if the actress can get into it quickly and be something like comfortable because she’s got to wear it for a couple of scenes.  All of this so far seems to be working.  I’m speculating whether I can accomplish anything more today before the “no sewing after midnight” rule kicks in.  It’s iffy, all the straightforward stuff is out of the way.

I’m still pretty wired though, and haven’t got much in the way of a functioning vocabulary.  So I’m just gonna leave you with another alpaca because tell me this picture isn’t simply awesome: