I can knit! Can’t do socks yet, there seems to be more wrist action going on there than I would have anticipated, but I can work on straights. So I am knitting a shawl, because I hate seaming which is why I work in the round in the first place. I mean, to me as a seamstress, one of the coolest things about knitting is that you play with string for a while and then a finished object happens. (At least, it does if you are the sort of person who actually finishes anything, as opposed to my chronic ‘startitis’, but that is a whole other discussion).

So I started a shawl. Cast on seven stitches, started increasing on the ends and at the centre with some vague idea of stripes and perhaps a bit of lace. But not too much lace because what I’m actually going for is warm and practical rather than pretty. Also easy, because k2tog were giving me some trouble during the sock attempt. (yes, that is pathetic.)

By the way, I saw my x-rays yesterday. Holy hardware store, batman! I for some reason thought that medical screws were tiny, specially made items which would be carefully and delicately inserted by precision instruments. I was mistaken. Apparently they just sterilize a couple of wood screws and dive on in there with a Robertson. (that is the square headed one, which was invented by a Canadian and we like it.) anyway, no wonder my scar is so big, it looks like they were building a deck in there or something! /aside

So I’m knitting. At some point quite early on the stripes were abandoned as I began to consider cables. The lace went out the door at this point also. But just sticking in cables seemed kind of gratuitous, since let’s be honest, it only came up because I think cabling is neat.

And then Raven wandered by wearing the dressing gown I made with twining snakes appliquéd all over it and I thought “ooh, I could make the cables into snakes! Then I could have a matching shawl, sort of!” So that is what I am doing. It may be ghastly, I don’t know. I can’t really see it without taking it off the needles, which sounds like work, and there is no pattern, I have just randomly started making snakes as I go along. But I am knitting!