I have actually started getting some work done around here.  I mean, creative me-in-the-studio-for-longer-than-ten-minutes work, not just stable-mucking.  Of which there has also been a lot, of course, and we will simply not discuss the post-winter chicken coops.  Ick.  But I had been getting to the point of serious irritation/depression about my inability to accomplish anything, and had reached that stage – you know, where the list of things that you want/need to do is so much longer than your actual potential lifespan that the whole idea of starting anything seems futile and ridiculous?  Yeah, that stage.

Fortunately I was able to hum “I need a hero” ad nausiam while making this one, which helped lighten the mood considerably:

You’ll have to use your imagination a bit; I don’t have a photo on the actor.  Super hero costumes have a universally terrible hangar-life, they really need a body.  The actor had a pretty good body too, I hope I’ll get a picture someday.  That is Super-Duper-Ultra-Guy, who is rumored to be saving the day at various locations in the Windsor area.  Keep an eye out.

There has been knitting.  I made some yoga socks (?)  I dunno about yoga, but they are legwarmers with stirrups, is what they are.  And they are warm.

That is handspun from a while ago.  I still like it.

I also made (am making actually, one down and pushing to get the other done  by month’s end) socks – “Knits Inebriated” by Emma’s Daughter Designs:

This is a good elastic pattern with a simple, effective design, and it turns out that I am making them for Raven, because he said “that is a nice sock… who’s it for?” which he never says.  Probably this has something to do with my propensity for making socks that are yellow, pink and/or green.  Although he doesn’t steal the socks I made from Blackie’s wool, so maybe this really is just a guy-attractive pattern.  Take note for xmas, I guess!

They’re striped discreetly like that because I got the wool at the Salvation Army, two skeins in brown and grey with enough for one sock each.  So there you go.

And my current favorite of the knitted FOs, I have knitted a hat.

See?  Knitted, really.

Hat love.  I had no idea why I was making it except that I had to, but then Jeff needs a fop who will be conveniently garish in pink, mauve and silver, so I gave it to him for the show.  I’ve been otherwise spending my time churning out fops for this play, but haven’t bothered to take pictures yet because they’re all waiting to be trimmed and hemmed and such.  So that will be next.

Animals continue well, except that they all say they will starve to death RIGHT NOW if I don’t go top up the stores, so I’m off in the rain to buy everybody-chow.  I leave you with a cuddly little tiny puppy,  and her teddy bear: