I got nothin’ today, so I will tell puppy stories.  Friday’s vet trip was canceled due to a flat tire on The Wreck, so we went today.  Hera weighs 31.6 lbs.  By the time she goes for her final set of shots, she will be bigger than Bryan was – and less than four months old.  Go, Hera!  The vet says she’s in great shape and has very strong legs – no surprise to me, who watches her gallop around trying to keep up with Ulster all day!  She can pace him as long as he maintains a steady lope, but if he actually breaks into a run she can only sit and watch the dust cloud.

31 lbs puts her neatly in between her litter-brother Diesel, who weighs in at 34 lbs, and her dainty sister Kitty, who is a delicate 27 lbs.  Diesel and Kitty live with Stalkermom and The Ed, and are actually the reason we have Hera at all.  Their dog Charlie had to be put to sleep, quite unexpectedly, last fall because he had cancer.  Charlie was an awesome dog, and everybody was of course shocked and upset, and feeling a St Bernard sized hole in their lives – which is a pretty big hole as you can imagine!  With only Rexie, Barney-the-yorkie and Hannah the Newfie running around their yard, things must have seemed too quiet… no wait, with Hannah barking things are never too quiet.  Maybe they were just confused by occasionally being able to cross a room without tripping over a dog.  Anyway, they went looking for a St Bernard.  And, they found Diesel.  Except that while they were finding Diesel, Kitty found them… she is a big-time flirt, and basically indicated that if they were looking for a puppy they couldn’t possibly do better than her, and anyway she wasn’t going to climb down off CK’s*  lap any time soon, so they might as well just admit she was wonderful and let her in the car.  So being sensible people, CK and The Ed adopted Diesel and Kitty.  To be fair, they left, discussed the matter – and called from the next Tim Horton’s they passed to say they’d take Kitty as well.

This is where I come in to the story.  The puppies were too young to leave their mother when they were first seen, so about  a week before The Ed and CK were allowed to bring their pups home, they went back for a visit, and brought me along.  Hera stood out because she was oddly marked – she has a lot of white – and also she was an independent little cuss, didn’t have a lot of patience for snuggles and flattery.  She was the only one not yet adopted.  She also had a small disfigurement in her personal puppy-area which the vet had said would probably right itself with time (and is doing so) but which combined with her personality probably didn’t make her all that attractive to potential puppy-parents.  Also she was the largest female in the litter.

Sure enough, when we went back to pick up Diesel and Kitty, Hera was still not spoken for. And so, after some embarrassing and completely ridiculous debate (because not nearly as much debate as you would think there ought to be in a situation like this) my mom bought Hera for me.  I’m pretty sure even the breeders thought we were crazy.

Hera’s size and independent streak are working out just fine for her at my place.  She’s  able to stand up to Ulster’s rough play, and she’s just affectionate enough to hide behind me when he gets a bit scary.  (Happening less and less often as she grows!)  She loves pets and cuddles, but not when she is trying to go to sleep.  She goes to sleep and wakes up rather like I do – slowly – so there are amusing periods of groggy puppy on either side of nap times.  She is fascinated by chickens, and her only real problem right now, which I imagine time and growth will correct, is that sheep are the most terrifying creatures on earth.  I suspect she has actually had nightmares about sheep-attacks.  She is also very interested in the cat, but after a few days of “you did what?!” Velcro discovered that it is fun to play mind-games with the dog, and enjoys teasing her, so that keeps everybody occupied.

Seems to me that after all this time there has got to be some more fibre stuff kicking around that I can show you.  I’ll have a dig through pics and see what I can come up with for next time!

*For those of you coming in late – Stalkermom/CK = same person, my mother.  She admitted last year to stalker-like tendencies, so I figure I can use the niknames interchangeably.  Hi, Mom!