Look at this (terrible picture I took with my phone ‘cos it’s all I had on me):


What that is, that is a llama eating hay at the trough with the sheep! While I am far enough away to take this picture!

He seems to be being accepted as a sort of honorary sheep.  We, the stupid humans, keep telling them that he’s a LAMB-a, but that’s ridiculous.  It’s obvious that he is not a sheep; they think maybe he’s a goat.  Blackie, who knows goats, says he isn’t, but she hasn’t been able to come up with a more plausible suggestion.  They would ask, but nobody has a clue what he’s saying.

Galahad, meanwhile, thinks the sheep are pretty cool, if bossy, and he likes to hang around with them (preferably just out of Freyja’s reach) and copy them – hence the eating hay pictured above.  Blackie, no real surprise by now, is the most friendly with him.  She’s never butted him, and she lets him tag around after her, with occasional glances at the house as if to say “does anybody know what this kid is talking about?”