Back before the Llama, I promised yarn.  This is what I did with one of those crazy coloured batts:


I spun it (obviously) and then I’d been going to ply it with something dark, á la that purple and blue stuff Emily gave me ages ago, but then I remembered I had quite a lot of blackface dyed with some red wine that had gone off.  It came out a strange sort of not-quite-pink, not-quite-gray neutral, and was oddly soothing to me.  So I plyed it with that instead, and I quite like it!  I also love the texture difference between the rambouillet and blackface singles.  Blackface is a fuzzier, bouncier wool, and in contrast with the smooth-but dull R, it looks so earthy!

I’m going to wind up with around 500 m DK weight when the other batt is finished, and I’m leaning towards playing around some more with shadow knitting.

I’ve also been carding and dying.  In addition to a llama, I have also picked up more wool.  I now have an embarrassment of  Lincoln longwool.  Shiny!  (Yes, that is a Firefly reference because I am a big nerd, but also it is accurate – the wool is shiny.)


This particular lump of wool (she says, determinedly doing a really crappy sell-job) is up in my…. da da da! Etsy store.  (link on upper right)  Yep, finally set it up.  Not that there is much in it at the moment, but there it is.

Aargh!  Ok.  In relation to the Etsy store, I just typed in a big intro to the fact that I am starting a fibre co-op, as I have wanted to do since the sheep first moved in.  And then my finger did something weird and it all went away.

I’m going to have more (clearly needed) coffee now, and then I will come back later and do a post all about the co-op (or CSA if you prefer), which should probably have it’s own post anyway, for reference.  Yes.  That is better.  I meant to do that.