The postman likes my sheep.  We have the only sheep on his route, so he might just like sheep, but also Freyja tends to peer over the wall and ‘baa’ at him – maybe she is expecting some mail? – so I can tell when the mail has arrived by the loud laughter and shouts of “baa, baa!” coming up my driveway.

So I can only imagine his reaction when he meets the latest addition.

This is Galahad:


Galahad is a three-month old llama.  His mother had him and left him lying in the sun to dry off, which is perfectly proper behavior for a mommy llama, except that it happened to be a cold rainy day in November, and he was in danger of freezing to death instead.  She wasn’t a llama who liked people at all, and wouldn’t bring him in (or let herself be brought in) to shelter, so his person just grabbed him  and brought him in herself.  He has been bottle-fed, but he’s been in a barn with some goats, a sheep and an alpaca friend, so he hasn’t been lonely, and the alpaca (who is actually half-llama himself) is a bit older, and has been able to teach Galahad important things like “what corn is for” and “why wooly people are better”.

My sheep, although the situation was explained to them in detail yesterday, are still a bit unsure how to react.


Galahad got here just in time for his supper


He even tried a bit of leafy hay.  That stuff is actually pretty good!

So, um, yeah.  We have a llama.  When he gets older, he will have a job:  He’s going to guard the sheep.  Also he is wonderfully soft and fluffy and gives kisses if he likes you.