Sorry, no pictures today.  This is just another ramble about the hand/brain thing.  I have been spinning that batt I dyed, and there is also knitting.  I will have pictures next time.

Today is just another musing… is it strange, what is happening to me, or only strange that I even notice?  Because, I think my left hand is plotting something.

I am right-handed.  Very. I have always been verbal, analytical, and extremely competent with my right hand, while my left has been the stupid sibling.  Sweet enough, willing to put in the effort, but just kind of slow.  And clumsy.  Pretty much incompetent, in fact.  When I was younger I used to try to make it better at things – teach it to write, for example, but it just couldn’t catch on, and the right hand and the brain figured out pretty early that holding things in place and keeping out of the way were about the only jobs the left hand could manage without disaster.

Over the last while, I’ve known that my ‘right brain’ was taking a bit more of an active part in things.  I’ve developed my visual senses more, sometimes at the cost of vocabulary, but I’m not minding that.  I’m not writing, but I am drawing and designing and having a great time with all that.

Last summer, on a family trip to Virginia, I knitted dishcloths.  All the way there and back, I made dishcloths.  At one point, to break up the monotony, I tried to teach my left hand to carry the yarn.  It was like learning to knit all over again, wonky tension, utter confusion over where exactly the yarn was supposed to go, how I should hold it… I did manage several rows, lopsided and ugly though they were – enough to persuade me that if I was doing colour stranding and if I was very careful, I could probably stumble through it, but it was slow and frustrating.

Then last week I started these mittens, which are two-colour multiple chart mitts.  Enter the left hand.  It was doing fine!  It is fast, even, no stumbling, and it can even wrap the yarn around its own fingers without help.  Out of curiosity, I decided to knit this shrug with the left hand as well.  It is going swimmingly.  In fact, the left hand  is now petitioning that I should learn to knit properly (actually I knit kind of backwards, which isn’t a problem when I’m doing it with the right hand, but it makes purling nigh impossible with the left) so that it can purl too.

I’ve also noticed that sometimes the left hand is reaching for things now – and not dropping them!  Not all the time, but frankly it has never shown this much initiative.  And the foot is getting in on it too – I’ve been leading with my left foot when spinning.  And my final clue that something is up?  I’ve been pulling to the left when backing into my driveway.  I mean, way to the left, I’ve managed to get the truck stuck in a snowbank twice in the last week.  This is because I usually drift to the right, and so I am used to compensating for that – but now I am overcompensating.

I’m thinking maybe soon I will let my left hand try to draw a picture and see how it does.  I’m not sure what I’ll do/feel if it is actually successful!