Ok, they’re not even a little bit my first batts, but they are the first wool that I have dyed IN the batt.  (I did mention that I was jonesing for colour, right?  I might have gone a tich overboard.)

I stitched them into net bags, and soaked them and dyed them in the oven in a big flat pan.  And then as they were drying (still in the netting, I didn’t want to take them out wet and risk messing them up) I thought “Oh, they look all squished!  Now, part of my brain was saying “Of course they look all squished, they were very very wet.”  But part of my brain was saying “Aaaaaah!  I messed it up, they are squished and flat and they will never be nice batts again and I will have to re-card them and lose all my pretty color splotches!”  (I’m sure they would be pretty if they were re-blended too, but differently pretty.  I wasn’t shooting for subtlety here.  It’s cold, I have no water that isn’t snow melt because the pipe has not thawed yet, and I wanted to let go, relax and play with colour, dagnabbit.)

So I wrote Jessie to say “eek, did I do it wrong?” and she was terribly reassuring, especially since the batts weren’t even dry yet and there was probably no justification for freaking out.  But you know, I’m having that kind of week.  She said that if I kind of tugged on them when they were dry they would fluff up more, and she was right.


Why do cameras so frequently reject purple?  I know I’m not the only one who has this problem.  Most of the colours here are right, but the dark almost-black looking stuff should be purple.  Dark purple, granted, but still.  I took eleventeen pictures, and this was the best I could get.  Poop.

They are small batts, but I dyed them together, and between the two of them there are about four oz. of Rambouillet.  I think they’re pretty, they make me happy, and I’m going to do it again.

Raven has cleared quite a bit of ice from the troublesome pipe, but we think it must be frozen quite a way underground, so it’s been a fight.  Especially for a guy with a bad back crammed into heaven-only knows what position with a blowtorch in the tiny space beneath our house.  It is supposed to approach 0C in the next few days – cross your fingers for us, would you?