I totally meant to tell you yesterday, and then I went and got all distracted by the cute hen-stuff. I made this sweater, which is from Vogue Knitting, fall 08. (Scroll down a bit; you’ll find it.)


Except for the part where I don’t actually own that magazine, and so had to fake it. I would own that issue, had I seen it, if only for the crazy flower socks. But I don’t. Anyway, this is knit on much larger needles than called for, with two strands of yarn held together, and basically I just picked a number* and started knitting. What with corrections and mind changes, I knit basically the whole thing twice, but it is finished and only halfway through January! Woo!

*A brief trip through my brain: the cast on for felted clogs is 51 sts. That is nearly equivalent to 2x the length of my foot unfelted, since you knit out from there and then shrink them. My foot, as we all know from Da Vinci, is the same length as my forearm, and if I hold my elbow at my waist and reach around, my forearm goes about half way across my front. So I cast on 106 sts to allow a bit of ease. Yes, I really do think like that.