Ok, so I did the enormous sweater for the brother.  And those gloves for my MIL were natural; I dyed them after knitting.  Ditto the clogs for my SIL.  Then work gloves for Raven, which weren’t dyed because they’re going to get shredded and why bother?

Now, The Immortal Grandmother needs wool socks badly, because her circulation is awful.  Although I haven’t had a chance to spin sock yarn lately, I do have some DK weight that will do fine – they can be bulky, she isn’t walking around, they just have to be warm.

But this yarn is also undyed, and I just can’t do it!  I frogged these socks three times, and it isn’t because there was anything wrong with the knitting, I just couldn’t face looking at the danged things.

As for the wool still on the hoof, Vellum is feeling much better, fitting in well with the girls, and has even made little challenges to Blackie, after which they rub noses and make up.  But things have been getting progressively stranger around here – I mentioned the upswing in the amount of sheep-cuddles going on?  Woah.  They have gone so completely touchy-feely it is weird.  They lie in the sun snuggled up like a ewe with her lambs, they rub noses, they hug.

Then, yesterday morning, Vellum noticed that Chloe is… beautiful.  He wants to be more than friends.  At the same time, Freyja noticed that Vellum is not at all the nerdy pain-in-the-butt she thought he was, he is in fact kind of attractively shy.  And really quite handsome.  Even sexy, in a sweet, naive way.  So Vellum was chasing the hard-to-get Chloe all over the yard, and Freyja was sidling up to Vellum and just kind of… being there.  Hoping he would notice.  If he did manage to get near Chloe, Freyja would push in between them, making it difficult for him not to notice.

Vellum noticed.  Repeatedly.  He’s still got an eye on Chloe, but it’s hard for a boy to turn down a beautiful and experienced older woman!  Chloe, meanwhile, seems to be feeling something, but it is manifesting as crazy high energy.  She has spent most of the last few days climbing the pile of straw bales, and she seems to be trying to do A Trick.  She climbs up on the straw, waits for a sheep to come close and then tries to step off the straw onto their back.  So far no one is willing to play along, so she falls a lot.  But she persists – she’s sure it would be a Really Good Trick, and probably generate lots of extra sheep treats, if the others would only co-operate!