Phil has moved on.

We thought maybe she was feeling “urges” – she kept standing on one leg on the berm, gazing south. Raven kept making narrative jokes like “gosh, I almost feel as if I should lift up my other leg, but that would be silly, I’d fall! Blackie stands on the berm gazing too, but she’s just hoping a tractor will go by. She likes tractors. Phil, I suspect, was looking at South.

Day before yesterday I went out and there was no goose. I looked everywhere. Finally, I did find her:


She had flown about 100-110 yards south. And she didn’t know what all the fuss was about, it wasn’t any nicer there at all – in fact it was if possible even more windy! But she was kind of mad at us, because we had tried to shelter her from the wind and geese don’t like that, apparently. So she stayed South all morning.

In the afternoon she came back and hung around the house, watching the sheep. Eventually Raven managed to get her to have some water and corn, and he apologized for the misunderstanding, so she came back in the yard. I apologized too, and everyone made up and had some corn.

But yesterday morning she was gone. The first flight must have been a test flight as much as a pout, because she has completely flown away.

I hope she found other geese.  There are still lots around, she should have.  I hope she’s all right, and I’m really glad that she can fly so well after her wing problems, and that she’s confident enough to strike out on her own.  (Even if it is in December!)

It’s weird, not having a goose to help me do chores, or banging on the door and demanding corn in the evenings.  I miss her.





Good luck, Phil.  Drop by and visit sometime.