Yeah, I’ve been holding out on you. I got something. No, not like an infection, I mean I went out and bought something, just like real people. You know, where money is exchanged for goods and/or services? Yup. And I was right.


Turning a little crank is way more fun.

This is (amusingly enough) another kitten – it is the Kitten drum carder made by Anderson Originals. I have been shopping around for a while, and was looking at and reading reviews of the brands we all know and love, but with all that, this one read pretty much like my narrowed choices, the price was right, and having now received it – well, I’m not in a position to give an informed review of a tool I’ve never used one of before! But, the little handle goes round, it makes wool be pretty in substantial quantities, and the stuff left on the licker-upper is all short and/or dirty, so I’m going to call it a success. I have carded big piles of wool, mostly either too boring for words or very interesting but done when the camera was unavailable (see, I really have been holding out on you!). But basically I’m still playing around and experimenting, and the quantities of wool that have been piling up waiting for me to make them more effectively spinnable are large enough to support that!