September 2008

I do. And, since about a year ago when a friend lent me a Collected Works of, I have had one poem stuck in my head. So I’m finally doing a project, my inspiration and my materials list being “a rag, a bone and a hank of hair”.

The rag in question used to be a large chunk of charcoal-grey corduroy. Did you know, if you wash a chunk of 100% cotton wide-wale cord a few times with a LOT of bleach, it has an effect very similar to tossing it into a cement mixer? It’s true. But I don’t have a cement mixer, so I had to go the other route. Then, I painted it in the rain. I’m very sorry, I don’t have pictures of any of this. I was out in the pouring rain with a can of paint, several baby chickens, a few curious (and damp) sheep, and six yards of distressed, nay downright frantic cord. I haven’t got enough arms to take a picture of that!

Other than that, I’ve been spinning with every free moment, and also working out the plans for a new wheel in my head. There IS going to be an Etsy shop. Right as soon as there can be. And in that shop I will offer for sale the fruits of those things that I do, whatever they are. Like yarn. And maybe some tools. I like tools. And I shall call myself “Old School Fibre” except probably I shall spell ‘Fibre’ wrong in American, so that other people can find the store. But that might bug me a lot, so I’ll keep you posted.

On what seems like completely another topic, but is connected in that I never seem to get anything done around here because I’m always doing something else… Stalkermom got a steam cleaner. Yesterday I was helping her clean her place and I got to use it. And then I got to borrow it, and so at least part of today will be spent prancing about shooting jets of hot steam at things that are dirty. Steam cleaners are Fun. I believe I will have an answer this year when my in-laws ask me what I want for Christmas.

That’s kind of funny in itself, I’m not sure if they’ll actually get me one or not. Every year they ask us what we want, and are never willing to accept answers like “world peace” or ‘higher standards of education’ or even ‘a wealthy patron’, so I ask for cookware. Which I guess kind of bugs them, because it’s supposed to be a bad idea to give a woman kitchen appliances or tools for housework or something. I understand why someone who was hoping for flowers might be irritated to the point of frenzy by receiving a broom and dustpan instead, but I like cookware. I like cooking and baking.

So they finally came to believe me, mostly I guess because why would l lie about something like that? but now I have a pretty good stash of cookware/bakeware and there’s nothing I’m really aching for, which leaves me at a loss for the “what do you want for christmas?” phone call. Unless there is a christmas sale on steamers. I think they’re kind of a hot item this year, so there might be.

I’m supposed to do the blog flog thing, because (too long ago) Lucy sent me this:

which is super neat, and it is my (neglected) duty to post five other blogs to pass it on to. I’ve been stalling, because I just did that ‘you make my day’ thing not too long ago, but let me see, where shall I send you this time?

  1. Prairiedogs of I-10 a pair of Texan sisters offering lots of wit, snark and knitting.
  2. Domesticrafts, life in downtown Boston, still more knitting and some really fabulous photography
  3. Carrie is a friend of mine from the Chatham knit night, and not only does she give you fibre and book recommendations, but there’s gonna be a baby soon too!
  4. Speaking of babies, Geckogrrl has a great mind, an interesting life, and is now chronicling the changes involved in starting a family, and moving ever further from Venice Beach.
  5. Jessie is off the hook, because she already got nominated and posted her list the other day, but I’m sticking her in here anyway because she’s fabulous, her blog is fabulous, her homestead is fabulous, and my only regret when reading her is that I can’t just run over there for spinning and coffee, ‘cos she lives in Vermont and I don’t.

So today was my birthday. Ha! I have forestalled your birthday wishes by making it TOO LATE!

I like birthdays. I don’t know why. I don’t especially like birthday parties, or making people say “Happy birthday”. Raven and I don’t usually do anything to celebrate. (When we got married he promised to remember either or anniversary or my birthday, but not both. He let me pick. I picked our anniversary, and now usually he remembers both, and I forget both. This year I remembered the anniversary at least, I’ll let you know in a month if I’m two for two!) Right now he isn’t even here – he had to go into Windsor to get straw, and the alignment fixed on the truck, and help some friends with plumbing. (Good thing it isn’t his birthday!)

I got a present, though. Raven found an old blue pedal-brake bicycle by the side of the road and brought it home for me. It’s in good shape. I’m going to put Hello Kitty stickers on it, and a basket.

And I made a cake for the KBR party, which is very near both our anniversary and my birthday, so it can be whatever party I want it to be:

Yes, it’s a dagger. This is our symbolic Bastard Rooster – Patches (the potential victim for this year) is still running around using up his chances.

It is Wednesday, which is my favorite day of the week, and I’m having an odd-numbered year, which are my favorite also. And for a while I thought some more things were falling off the house, but it was only the first leaves of the season, which means things are moving towards autumnal, and autumn is my favorite time of the year.

All in all, despite the inconvenient absence of the love of my life, it’s been a darned good day!