Woah!  I’m here, I’m here!

I can’t believe the summer is flying – well, has flown if like me you have never recovered from school-year time divisions – so quickly.  And spring went on forever!  I hope fall is willing to stick around for a while, we still have a bunch of work to do before the snow hits.

I’ve been working on the eternal aran, and I am almost at a point where something will have to be done about sleeves, so I’ll take a picture once it gets interesting.  Other than that, the only interesting thing this weekend has been splinting a chicken.

One of the chicks has “bendy toe” (probably sounds better in Greek) which means his toes are all wonky and weird.  The males of the black breed have a slight genetic predisposition to this – at least we’ve never had a female with it, which means this little critter is probably a boy – but anyway his feet were the worst I’d ever seen.  Annie (who is blogless, alas) is a vet who works with birds (not to mention an animal lover after my own heart) and she told me a way to splint his little feet while he’s growing to correct the problem.  So now I have a little chick with orthopaedic footwear, made out of bendy wire and foam hair curlers:

He’s walking around fine in them.  He does want to pull them off (of course) but since they’re going to have to be replaced frequently while he’s growing, that isn’t really a problem; when he succeeds in removing them (probably later today) I’ll just put ’em back on.

Today I have to go get some groceries and then bake a cake.  We have this annual party on labor day in (honor?) of our first rooster, Malfoy, who was a tough street chicken found in the back alleys of Windsor, Ontario.  We raised him from a chick, and in return he scarred everyone I know and killed a pullet.  So every year to close summer we host the Kill the Bastard Rooster party.  No animals are harmed in the execution of this party, although I do serve chicken.  This year we have a chicken effigy to burn on the first campfire, and I’ve got some baking to do because it is also an birthday party for myself and The Ed.  By which I mean, an excuse to eat cake.

Also, I need to build my plying wheel, or I shall go mad.  Not because there is anything wrong with the wheel I made last year, but because I want one a lot, and I keep thinking to myself “oh, how I want a big ol’ plying wheel, poor me” and if I just made the darned thing I could think about something else.  Like, how much I want a drum carder!

I seem to be a bit jumpy right now, so I’ll close this off.  Gonna have to be a blog flog coming though, because Lucy tagged me for the “I heart your blog” award so I’ll be passing out my own votes real soon.  After I get back with the groceries!