…but it’s almost craft! I’m getting closer!

Today was a good day. I did clay stuff that entirely failed to fall apart on me and actually has a shape other than “round lump”. I’ve been practicing all week, and I’ve managed both those things before, but not at the same time! This is a definite sign of improvement. (Yeah, yeah, it’s still kind of ugly, but at least it’s there!)

Then, today was also the day to open the magic chicken-making box!

thirty two cute little balls of chirping fluff.

It is also the three-week birthday of the first six baby chickens. I got two babies – one from each clutch – to pose together:

Is that amazing, or what?

Also, I sheared Chloe. It went pretty well, she even lay down for me so I could do her very wooly belly. The only real slowdown was that it turns out Chloe is very ticklish, especially on her sides. So by the time we were done we were feeling kind of frivolous, and I left her a stylish puff on her tail.

Now I’m going to go check on baby chickens again, and stand in the yard enjoying this really spectacular sunset we seem to be having, while a goose chirps at me.   I hope your days all go as well for you as today did for me!