You know, it isn’t actually much use having a pretty darned good camera that you spent a bunch of money on if your batteries are old and crappy and won’t hold a charge.

Pictures that are thus not included with this post:

  • Me, shearing a bunch of very patient sheep.
  • The really big ram I’m going to have to try to shear soon.
  • Combed Rambouillet top. (drool)
  • Ditto silk alpaca blend (drool droool drool)
  • The great blue heron that was just now standing calmly in my backyard
  • Any of my recent clay disasters (I’m getting better!)
  • The hen who, with impeccable timing, decided to go broody the same day as the most recent bunch of eggs started hatching.
  • knitting (yes, there has actually been some knitting)

Pictures that I did manage to take while the batteries would let me:

Unrepeatable experiment wool:

That was dyed with a gallon of home made wine that had gone to vinegar, which I’d been keeping around in case it was good for something, even though I knew it wasn’t. Except apparently it was, because the yarn is really quite pretty.  I couldn’t get the colour quite right in the picture, this looks a little gold to me, probably because of the wood, and it’s actually more of a purple-grey.  I’ll try again when it’s off the wheel.

And of course, baby chickens.  The really cute close-up from a couple of posts ago of the little yellow chick?  Same chick:

This is the first one hatched, definitely a male.  Raven calls him “Tiger” for obvious reasons.  I call him “ThunderFoot” because he’s huge.

So far, the black ones are staying mostly black, which makes me so happy I can’t tell you – until . this lot, nearly all the black chicks have grown up stripey.  I love my pretty stripey hens, but the black hens are gorgeous and I want more!

This one, I think, is going to look like his daddy

So yeah, that’s pretty much what I’ve got this week.  Have to move these chicks into their new less-heated and closer to the Big Chickens house (they will be thrilled, they love watching the Big Chickens.) and clean out the warm space for the new babies.  The box is chirping loudly even as I write this.