Well ok, there’s only one that I can’t explain. I am making jam – yes, I am making jam right now – and that’s easy to explain because a friend gave us a LOT of plums. Although it turns out that not only do I usually wind up doing things the ‘hard’ way, but I am in fact incompetent when it comes to doing things the ‘easy’ way. Raise your hand if you can’t make jam using pectin and the recipe that comes in the box? But, you can make it just fine without a recipe and using just sugar? Oooh, pick me, pick me! So there’s a lot of simmering going on, hence the time to blog at y’all.

I’m doing mosaic on the porch in front of the doors – we left a space for tile, because it gets so muddy around here in the spring and in winter snow and dirt get tracked in, so we figured we’d just put a tile patch by the doors where the mats go – easy to clean and not going to damage the wood and all that. Very practical. Also boring. So I’m doing mosaics there. Don’t have a picture yet, sorry – it really doesn’t look like much yet anyway, you’ve all seen broken plates, right? I’ll post pictures when I get them actually looking LIKE pictures. I should warn you though, I’ve never actually done this before, so don’t expect to be impressed. I’ve been looking for an excuse to stick tile to something for quite a while now, so as a starter project something that’s going to be hidden under a doormat most of the time is probably just about perfect!

Now here’s the one I can’t really explain:

Still (a) Life, K Ridley

Still (a) Life, K Ridley

It’s not quite done yet, but almost. This is the first thing I’ve made in a really long time that has no purpose other than being what it is, if you know what I mean. Feels kind of weird.

More in character, I finished that dog hair/suffolk yarn:

Tell me that’s not pretty. I’ve been working with so many subtle colours lately, it was great to play with these nice strong hues. Still kool-aid and food dye, BTW.

In animal news, the light bulb burned out on the incubator, and when I replaced it all I had was a 60 watt, which wasn’t hot enough. CK and The Ed came to the rescue with a couple of 100 watt bulbs, but I’m not sure whether the eggs (at least a couple of which do seem to have been developing) will have made it or not. There’s only a few days to go, so I’m just going to keep going and see what happens, I’m going to put some more eggs in right away whether we get a hatch or not, because that way any chicks we get will be old enough to be left for a while when we go to a wedding we have to go to up in Barrie in the fall.

Phil is the flyin’est goose on the farm. Which is to say, he runs really fast and flaps his wings a lot, and if the wind happens to be blowing in the right direction he sometimes gets about an inch or two in the air for a few feet. But we cheer and clap and congratulate him anyway. He likes the praise, because now whenever he feels like he’s not getting enough attention he ‘flies” around the yard. (And yes, sometimes I run around flapping my arms, and yes, he does follow me when I’m doing it, and NO there will not be any pictures of that if I can help it!)

Phil has also decided that he definitely is not a chicken. Chickens have stupid little wings that aren’t good for anything, and they don’t play in the water, and they make all these crazy noises and sleep in strange little buildings and crawl in boxes for some reason, and also even though they are very small they are sometimes kind of scary. (Bianca can kick Phil’s feathered butt, and everybody is scared of Luna.) So, looking for a new role model, and having already rejected dogs and cats, Phil is thinking about being a sheep.

True, sheep don’t seem to have wings at all, and their feathers are just plain weird. These are definite negatives. On the plus side, they’re big and strong and nobody messes with them. They can jump pretty high, and they can run fast when they want to. They eat way more grass than the chickens do, they also like corn and like Phil they like to stick their heads into the pond and make outrageous slurping noises. They don’t seem to swim much (Monster did once, but it was an accident) but they sleep in that neat stable with all the straw, which Phil’s been fascinated with lately. So, he’s been following them around.

I have a new friend out by the pond. I call him FrankenFrog.

He’s green and gold like one kind of frog on his top half, and then there’s a neat line just below his shoulders and his bottom half is brown and yellow. He’s the biggest frog in the pond as far as I’ve seen and although I don’t try to pick up the frogs (I like the fact that our frogs and fish are all pretty friendly and fearless, and I don’t want to freak them out) he will let me pet him. As you see.

The bunnies continue well – they’ve definitely settled in the treeline by the pond, and they’ve picked up a third bunny-friend as well. The three of them play in the yard every evening. They’re fairly brave, relative to wild bunnies in general, so I guess Velcro brought ’em up ok – they won’t let us actually approach them, but as long as we play “ignore the rabbit” they’ll let us get within a very few feet before they decide to move on.

Blackie’s been super-affectionate lately, probably because Monster is increasingly independent. He’s taken over the job of fence-breaking and escape-plotting, his new partner in crime being Chloe. She’s not actually a bad sheep, she’s a very good sheep, but she has a sort of a crush on Monster still, and she’ll do what he tells her. Chloe is obviously putting most of her energy into wool production – her wool is twice as long as the boys’, although I observed yesterday that if I were to shear her tomorrow, and take off her thick layer of wooly puff – she’d still be a fat little sheep. Linton, on the other hand, might disappear if shorn. He’s a tiny wee thing.

Guess that’s it for now – I’ve probably been doing lots of other stuff, but if so I can’t remember what it is right now, and I should probably go tend the jam anyway.