I’ve always been a lousy shopper.  First off, I’m cheap.  I pinch every penny until it cries ‘uncle’, and I talk myself out of buying darn near everything on the grounds that I can either make my own or do without.

For years and years now, I have refused to buy clothes, because I can make them myself and do a better job anyway.  The fact that I seldom actually get around to making clothes for myself does not factor in this discussion.

Today I was in the fabric store picking up naked old people stuffing (got all the men’s lower bits done and one whole woman*) and I saw a fabric that I liked.  It was less than two dollars a metre.  It would make a cute little summery blouse.  I did not buy it, because I thought “I can make that”. 

I think I need help.

*There are no pictures yet, because they don’t look like anything without people in them.  Once I get ’em done I’ll take pictures on the actors.