Pattern: Acorn Stash Socks by Anne Hanson

Yarn: mine (I should really just stop pointing that out, it’s embarrassing. Soon I shall be able to refer to the yarn by the name of its sheep. For now let’s say “Suffolk”) dyed with sumac and kool-aid.

Loved this pattern, bought it as soon as it was released, and am happy to say that it is just as charming to knit as it looks like it should be. The tops of the acorns have a incr.7 that made me cross my eyes and double check the instructions the first time it came up, but really it’s not bad as long as you’re not prone to having a deathgrip on your yarn. I know my tension drifts towards the loose end of things, so if you’re tension is really tight, be careful. But it’s fun and an easy-to-learn pattern, and then you have cute acorns! It’s win-win!