I don’t know why precisely, it just was. I knit, I spun, I got the washing machine working, the lambs have figured out that I’m the one what knows where the grain is, and so they come pounding to meet me when I step outside (even Chloe!), and I baked butter tart squares. Just nice. Oh, and Raven went to the pharmacy and the grocery store for me and so I didn’t even have to go out into the world, and he stopped at the mushroom farm and got a big ol’ box of fresh yummy mushrooms.

And having been able to run the yarn-thing through the washer, here it is being all drape-y:


The silk, as you can see, continues to defy my attempts to prove that there is not-blue there. I think it’s because it’s so reflective, probably I should have built a light box, or something. I’ll get right on that. Maybe tuesday. Here is a detail shot that’s a bit closer to the real thing:


If I had known what the yarn was planning, I would have spun twice as much.  If I were to do something like this again, I would like to try it with a larger base and also with more but smaller pieces of fabric.  I like the overall grid effect, and I think I prefer these large pieces ON the smaller rectangle, but I can see myself wishing the whole thing was a bit bigger, and if it were I think I would like the look of smaller print pieces better.

I think the yarn was right, though, this was way more fun than just a dumb cowl.