Last friday, I declared spring.  I know, I live in Canada and it’s February, and it’s been frostbite-in-fifteen-minutes cold this past week, but I don’t care.  It’s spring, and I refuse to take seriously any further winter-like behavior.  Cooperating with me, (or humoring me) the temperature is now at zero, despite it being dark, and so everything is at melting point – which means that really big piles of snow and ice are sliding down our slippery steel roof and crashing to the ground.  It’s very exciting.

I have managed to finish the yarn-thing!  Unfortunately due to a mechanical malfunction (my washing machine is frozen) it isn’t in a particularly photograph-able condition right now.   I shall attempt to mollify or at least distract you by bowing to the demand for more cute lamb pictures.

Monster and Blackie:


Chloe, Linton and Freyja enjoying sun on the deck (and Romulus giving ’em the old ‘hairy eyeball’):


Early morning playtime:


There’s been some cute stuff I haven’t been able to catch yet – Monster’s fascination with the chickens, for example.  He’s just entranced by them, and he follows them around trying to get them to play.  He had what he thought was a pretty good game of “bounce” going with Romulus the Rooster the other day.  I have no idea what Romulus thought was happening!

Chloe is in a hurry to be a ‘big’ sheep, like her mommy.  She is a sheep’s sheep, and fairly shy around people.  She is determined to eat from the trough with Blackie and Freyja.  Today is the first day she’s actually been big enough to get her head above the lip of the trough, but she’s actually been eating there all week, because she figured out how to climb in.  Oddly, Blackie doesn’t seem to mind, and just eats around her.

Linton is my big suck.  Mommy is the best, of course, but I’m his next favorite, and if I’m in the yard he’s most often stuck to me like glue, nosing me in the knee, pulling on my coat, chewing on my boots.  (Yuck!)  He loves to ‘help’ me clean out the barn.  Picture a cat chasing a rake, that’s pretty much what it’s like.  Monster is also affectionate, but I think Blackie’s been putting ideas in his head, and he wants to be ‘lead sheep’, so he doesn’t want anybody to think he’s soft, or a baby.  He is the youngest of the three, and also the largest – both tall and broad.  He’s got the darkest wool too, it looks like at least patches of him are going to stay black.  Again, just like his mother.