As I actually post twice in three days!

We’re still on LambWatch.

There may be a number of people who are politely not mentioning right now that we’ve been on LambWatch for two weeks, and am I so dumb I can’t tell that the sheep isn’t ready yet? The short answer is “yes”.

In my defense, I have never been pregnant, nor have I experienced the miracle of mammalian birth with anyone except a guinea pig I had when I was ever so much younger. You know how you can tell a guinea pig is pregnant? You go down to feed it one day and there are two extra guinea pigs hiding under it that weren’t there an hour ago, that’s how! It’s different with sheep.

The ewes were introduced to their ex-boyfriend sometime in late summer. When I arranged to pick the girls up, I was told that they were expecting “sometime in December or January”. But, when we actually did get them, it turned out that some of the flock had still been having snugglebunnies with the ram earlier that week. So inexperienced little old me had the expectation of lambing sometime between Christmas and early March. Blackie was having problems in mid December, which theoretically helped pinpoint her due date to sometime between January 15 and nowish. Theoretically. Beyond that, I trying to interpret “signs of imminent lambing” from online articles into actual things I am seeing, which as usual means everything looks like a sign until you see the real thing and say “Oh, like THAT. I get it.”

I wanted to post my “make my day” blog list. This was unexpectedly difficult, the reason being that I don’t actually read all that many blogs. I would like to read more, but at the same time I could very easily putter around on line all day doing just that – and have – and so I kind of limit myself. Basically all the blogs I read regularly “make my day” – that’s why I read them – but I wanted to make a list with more than “the usual suspects”, and not just “Yarn Harlot” is a great writer. (See how I snuck that in there anyway? I can’t NOT link to the woman!)

So anyway, here’s my “blog flog”, and thanks to everybody on it for making my mornings brighter.

First up, because it’s not a craft blog and because I only just discovered it, is The “Blog” of “Unneccessary” Quotation Marks. The very existence of this blog renews my waning faith in human grammar. Misused quotation marks are one of those things that drives me crazy. Raven tells me this site was nominated for “geek site of the year”.

This may seem like cheating, but Jodi Green makes the list twice – once for her blog, and once for her Master’s Thesis Blog. The latter is mostly “just” pictures of the dresses as they are transformed – but “just” is in perfectly proper quotation marks, as I have been finding it fascinating to watch as they are printed and over printed, and have several times found myself “rooting for” a particular dress and getting excited when I see it’s number come up. Possibly I need a life, but the site is well worth checking out!

Jen and La ARE the usual suspects, but Jenla is always a good read. Jen’s sharp wit makes her rants my favorite of anyone’s anywhere (I still occasionally giggle when I look at my rural -and completely UNlandscaped – mailbox) and there’s great knitting and animal stories to boot!

Speaking of animal stories, Jessie over at What Housework? always has some entertaining tales of the homestead – with unfailingly adorable pictures of her growing (and growing, and growing) menagerie. And if animal pictures aren’t enough (dudes, they’re REALLY CUTE) there’s a healthy compliment of knitted objects and handspun yarn to keep you happy.

The Farm Witch is rapidly becoming one of those “usual suspects” too, but with good reason. Her writing is like a wave breaking over your head; fast and strong and scattered, also refreshing and fun. And if you’re in the mood for some yarn pron, ooh baby, we’ve got what you’re looking for. The spinner in me is very much inspired by and admiring of her work, and the homesteader in me bows to her greatness! Go check out the entry from last Thanksgiving… as the stress levels rise, the yarn just keeps getting prettier!

Lee is someone I just ‘met’ recently through the Take It Further challenge, but her blog Dancing Crow became an immediate favorite. She experiments with a wide range of fibre manipulation by making fabric “postcards”, and I enjoy the double benefit of looking at the great stuff she posts PLUS the masochistic pleasure of wanting to try at least half of the techniques myself. My “to try” list has doubled in the short time I’ve been reading this blog!

Gwen over at HealingBalancePassion is another person I found through the challenge. She’s been working a visual journal that really has to be seen rather than described. The journal is worth checking out, as are her thoughts on the process of visual interpretation.

I concede my list is heavy on the eye-candy, but here’s another one: Maureen’s blog Tangled Threads is picture-heavy with gorgeously embellished quilt blocks, molded paper, and ever so much fabric layering and fancy stitchery. Head on over there to ooh and ah, but don’t drool on your keyboard!

And speaking of stitches, I have to include Sharon from In A Minute Ago. The stitchers who are reading this will know her, but many of the knitters might not. Her blog is a brilliant resource, as not only is she herself an embroiderer, seamstress and teacher, but she is tireless in seeking out interesting links to all kinds of contemporary and historical fibre information, product tests, and still more blogs full of wisdom, humor and pretty pretty pictures. Definitely somone to have on your ‘favorites’ list!