Not feeling too bad about the start of the year. I did get my 1000 m spun, 1020 to be exact, so I guess that means it is reasonable. I got more work done on St Brigid, but it never seems to be in the same room as my camera, so I can’t prove it yet. There was somewhat more frilly underwear made than shown here, but it’s all basically the same.

There should be another corset – got a brand new pattern worked out and all assembled, but it isn’t an FO because I discovered I’m out of boning tips. I find this difficult to believe, but it seems to be the case, so as soon as I pick up some more it’ll be boned and bound.

Didn’t get anything finished on the house, but I was feeling fine about that – like I said, that goal is a lot more warm-weather oriented and I’m just hoping for an average of one thing a month. Although after the damage to the roof the other day I’m not feeling as copecetic, since now we’ve actually moved backwards.

Now it’s a lovely cloudy Candlemas, and time to start working on February! I started a pair of fingerless gloves for Raven, but other than that I haven’t dived into anything. Yesterday I cleaned out the fridge – it was an act of pure jealousy, I threw out anything that looked smarter than me. Although I was tempted to keep one container of (soup? yoghurt?) when it offered to help with the taxes…