The Universe, as is its wont, has been trying to punish me for procrastination. Because I took so freakin’ long on the embroidery, and so was pushing for a last-minute finish, this week the Universe (which has right on its side, I do admit) has attempted to thwart me with:

  • A limping and still pregnant sheep who has so far failed to respond to all attempts to make her stop limping. It is genuinely possible that she has sprained her ankle.
  • A seasonal but deeply unpleasant cold snap that is causing my fingers to feel like wooden sausages. Yes, that is what I meant to say.
  • Winds gusting to 80km per hour, which blew the roof off our house. No, alas, I am not exaggerating. Big ol’ chunks of our lovely steel roof are lying on the ground. We are unamused.
  • A broken washing machine.

Despite all that, and despite the fact that I snapped yesterday and decided that even if it meant not finishing, I couldn’t stand to not do the embroidery on the back:


The TIF challenge is finished. Actually I’m lying to you, it still needs eyelets. Which I might even manage to do tonight, pending further disaster, but I wanted to get it posted hurry-up-quick, because it’s already tomorrow for some people in this challenge! But not for me – I’m in Canada and I’ve still got almost eight hours, darn it!

I got one-maybe-two things out of this project.  Number one, those corded channels are cool and I want to do more with that.  I’ve done wadding for a gambeson, but that’s just padding – these cords are not only providing structure they are also shaping the garment, which I think is super-nifty.  Number maybe-two thing is:  About that embroidery.  That was just ridiculous, and I am faced with a decision.  Do I (again) try to accept the fact that I just don’t like doing it much, and avoid it until the next time I stupidly decide something requires it, or do I force myself to embroider more regularly until I get over it?  Frankly, I’m leaning towards option two.  I hate letting myself get away with avoiding stuff like that, because it does come up.  I can happily accept that I am never going to be An Embroiderer, but I’m not sure I should allow myself to dodge it completely, either.  I’ve been dodging crochet for years (no, no idea why – you would think I’d like it) and you know, if I let the hands get away with too much of that sort of thing, they’ll be spoiled and willful.  More so.

Ok, gotta go post on Flickr, or it won’t count!  Oh!  But!  Also gotta say a great big thank you to Emily for tagging me for the “make my day” thing.  I shall post my own such list right as soon as my brain stops running around shouting “wa wa wa” and I get my links in order!

Hmm… this could slow down the eyelet-making: