In one hour, I will be (sniff) missing the second night at William Street, because I am a big scaredy, and although right now it is only very wet and foggy, in an hour or two I have every expectation that it will be wet, foggy, and also icy, and although I love knit (and other stuff) night lots already, and will miss it until it reconvenes in January, if I die on the road I will definitely not finish that sweater. So I will be knitting here, alone, instead.

I have a finished object I forgot to post:


I love these clogs. When I grow up, I’m going to marry them. They’ve hardly been off my feet since I finished them – I can even wear them outside (up to a point, anyway) because I put silicone soles on them, so they’re un-slippery, and also waterproof. (And proof against any other surprises that might turn up in a barnyard, come to that!) This was not my brilliant idea, it came to me via Nicole, who describes the process in detail here.

Oh, and I’ve signed on for Sharon B’s Take it Further Challenge, which starts in January. Basically Sharon (In a Minute Ago) will be posting a concept and a color scheme or a shape, and everybody will have a month to resolve it into a fibre design project. Much clearer detail on her site, there. But it sounds like lots of fun, and my personal hope is that it will give me a way to focus my otherwise scattered and easily lost things-I-want-to-do into some things that actually get done! I’m looking forward to it – and you can too, there’s still time to join up! Just go give Sharon a comment on her blog and she can add you to the list.

Otherwise, it’s been pretty much aran all the day, and really I have nothing much to say. Although I did just get an exciting email, but nothing is finalized yet so I’ll just have to dangle that teaser at you for a bit. Exciting news, still in the future. Are you tantalized?