Tuesday night was the very first stitch n bitch for our brand new bunch of yarn (and thread and felt and…) addicts in Chatham. It was organized by Jen and Carrie, and despite some quiet, hardly spoken fears that there would be four of us sheepishly knitting in the William St. cafe, I was really looking forward to it.

Four of us. Yeah. So imagine all our pleasure and surprise when this happened:



It was a great time. Mostly there was knitting, but crochet was not under-represented, and there was also some embroidery, a weaver (guess who I’m gonna suck up to?) and Brenda (blogless as far as I know, but she has a great etsy shop) was doing needle felting, which looks like a great way to relieve stress – I hadn’t realized it was so violent!

This picture does not do a good job at all of showing off [this nice lady whose name I’ve lost]’s knitting needles with lights in them. I so think that is a good idea for knitting in the car at night!


Laurie was there – she’s the one who made these fantastic shadow-box things that were hanging on the wall in the cafe:



Aren’t they wild? Laurie didn’t know how to knit when she showed up, but she thought it sounded like fun. Jen rushed to her aid, and by the end of the night:


All better.


Carrie was working on a mitten, having pretty much exhausted the market for baby booties. Hiding behind her but betrayed by that gorgeous patchwork sweater is CK, (aka Stalkermom). I’ve mentioned CK is blog-free, but ha! If you are on Ravelry you can find her as ckartist! She was working on some knitted pants for The Squeak, but somewhere around the time this picture was taken she’d decided there was a reason they’d been knit on straight needles, and not the circular she’d decided to adapt them to. It was that kind of day. I was working on this:


Sean’s aran. Looks about the same as it did last time, doesn’t it? Yeah. That would be because I frogged it for the second time on Monday morning, and now it’s back to that length. Again. But it’s wider, now. And I tell ya true, if he puts it on and there’s room for another? Sherrie can wear it with him, I do NOT want to rip this back again! They’re coming on the fifteenth, and I think I have finally accepted that it isn’t going to be finished. Part of the reason for that is this:


With winter decidedly upon us, I have bumped myself higher in the list of “people who need to be swathed in wool” and am knitting, for me, St. Brigid. I have fallen head over heels for this sweater. I guess it’s no secret by now that I’m a sucker for fancy cables. I am finding this as much of a joy to knit as I’d hoped it would be, and I’m sure I’m going to love the finished sweater. The yarn is that “grass stain”, by the way – it may be a silly name, but I’m standing by it – that’s still what it looks like to me, and let me tell you, around here that’s one of the more practical colour choices!