Sunday I went to buy some hay.  This was wonderful, I’m sorry I couldn’t bring you.  I have to go back, and I’ll bring my camera that time, I promise, and I’ll take pictures as long as Nice Farmer Guy doesn’t chase me off the property.  It was awesome.  They had sheep, and deer (deer!) and guinea fowl, and emu, and cows, and hay hens (Jen!  They looked just like yours, and they exploded startlingly out of the hay barn!) and just shy of a million cats.  I got to feed and pet the deer, and I got completely ignored by the sheep, but I’ll show them – this guy doesn’t sell their fleeces either, he *cluches chest* burns them (I just can’t get used to that) so I’ve sucked up and left my phone number, and now I have someone else to hassle for fleeces that nobody wants but me.

Then we loaded up the truck with hay, and I drove home reeeeaaaallly sllloooowww on back roads, while Stalkermom made comments about how many gears the truck actually has, and whether or not we would see our homes again before nightfall.  It was fun.

I had a whole rant I was working on here about wool and my attitude towards craft in general (which is that I obviously have a very weak grasp of the concept of “hobby”) but it was getting awfully disconnected and  – well, ranty – so we’ll give that a miss for today and instead I’ll tell you that there  are pictures of the purple bodice on the project page.  The reason it only has one button is she only sent one for sizing, so you have to imagine it with six.

More knitting coming soon – we’re still spending any and all dry daylight hours making things be nice for sheep.  Who, incidentally, still don’t care if they’ve got a lovely dry shelter with food  in it.  They’ve found the perfect spot to sleep, right by the house so nothing can creep up on them, and they can see if we come out either door.