This is going to be as quick as I can make it, because I’m still trying to do too much at once and now there’s company. Ray has come to spend the week, and what Ray likes to do while he’s here is burn off energy.  So we’ve sic’ed him on the woodpile:


The sheep (Blackie and Freyja) have arrived


And are making themselves comfortable


“What? I’m allowed on the deck! I used to stand on the deck all the time at the old place! And, um… we get to go in the porch when it rains, too.”


“That’s not true, is it?”

There’s a new hatchling, only two days old:


and a pretty nifty sunset


And generally speaking, fall is busting out all over.

As a final point before I go embroider fish, (still the stole):  Sheep have got enough sense to go in from the rain (eventually) and also enough sense to break into the chicken coop and try to hold chickens hostage until someone admits where we keep the corn.  I’ve got cinderblocks in front of the chicken’s door now (Freyja belly-crawled in there – and out again) and I’ve told the sheep I don’t negotiate with terrorists.  This may well be a lie, but I’m going to keep the sheep from knowing that for as long as I can!