You found this site on google. It wasn’t what you were looking for, and you’ll never be back. In many cases I could have answered you question, and now I feel guilty. (I must like feeling guilty; it doesn’t take much). Either that, or I’m just wondering what the heck you’re thinking about. Here are some of my thoughts today upon reading the searches/questions that linked to this site:

You can hang pictures anywhere you want. I suggest you hang them somewhere you can see them, unless they’re really ugly.

Yes, putting a mirror in a chicken coop would be fine, but they don’t really need one – most birds I’ve known only play in the mirror when they’re lonely. If you hang a (well tied) bright shiny bead or large button, though, they’ll attack it with great gusto. We’ve also found the game “peck the wall” to be popular.

Knitting St. Bernard fur works fine. Knitting actual St. Bernards is awkward, and hard on the dog.

Seahorses are awesome, good call!

If you think that veil is ugly, check out this one! (ok, you’re right, it may be a draw).

I’m sorry I ever said it!  Obviously “poor boy” sweater patterns are tough to find.  Try old copies of McCall’s Needlework and Crafts, or check the comments on this post because I bet Mom can think of a place to try.
And now I’m off for an all-day Adventure With The Ed, while Raven stays home and minds the broody hen.