The ewes that will be moving in are Black-Faced Suffolk. Their wool is a medium grade, (24-26 micron). It’s not the same as the wool Ron found for me, although I’d thought at first it was. They’re not actually double-coated, but this stuff seems to be a bit hairier, sort of halfway between the blanket fleece and the (really surprisingly soft) Whatever-It-Was-Ron-Got-Me. I will know better when I spin it, I guess. I really haven’t got much experience yet, certainly not enough to make a learned pronouncement on raw, grubby wool. (I know the micron thing because I looked it up on that link up there.) It pre-drafts nicely.

Their wool is nominally white, but the black coloring from the face does work down into the neck, so I am finding variable amounts of black in the fleeces. I don’t know how much black will be on the sheep moving here, I haven’t been introduced to them yet. The black wool, which I have never seen before, is really black. I guess for some reason I was expecting charcoal, or something, but no. Black, black, light-absorbing, dark-as-Chaos-and-Mayhem black. Neat. I will have to see whether there’s enough to sort out and keep totally separate so I can have black sheep socks, or not. A lot of the black I’ve found so far is too tiny to do anything with, because it’s up around the face and really just wooly lint. There was one sheep in the flock named (unsurprisingly) “Blackie”, and if I happen to have one of her fleeces, I’ll get socks. Most of them were almost completely white, though, and I don’t know who-all’s fleece I got, out of the pile.

Other things:

I am finally getting a handle on my totally-out-of-control work pile. (An excellent time to introduce multiple fleece washings, don’t you think? Never mind.)

Almost done the 18th century corset that I have only mentioned in passing:


Halfway through the stole:


Obviously that is “clerical stole”, not “pretty lace shawl thing”.

There’s been progress on the Victorian as well, but not in any way that shows, it’s all been seam finishing and such, so although there are pictures, I’ll save ‘em for that tutorial I’m still promising.

Did spin one skein of the amethyst (oh, like you thought I might actually wait? Right.) and I’m pretty happy with it. It’s six plies – I didn’t want to waste a scrap, and I did want the colors blending, so I andean plied it first, and then chain plied it. So it’ll be… variegated tweed?

the colors in that picture above are actually pretty good – I know, even to me it looks like a bad picture, but it’s not.  A bit pink, but as close as I could seem to get.