I’ve been reading Shannon’s blog for a while now.  She’s one of those people, you know, that I consider a sort of friend, even though we’ve never met, definitely a kindred spirit in many ways.  She hasn’t been posting much lately, because she’s had a lot of changes going on, been very busy.

But her husband Mark just very kindly posted on her behalf – a couple of days ago there was an awful fire.  Shannon and her girls got out safely, although it was very scary and a damn good thing the fire department responded quickly, but her new home is destroyed, her animals did not escape, and they lost pretty much everything.

I’m just heartbroken for her… please, everybody, keep Shannon and her family in your thoughts, or prayers, or whatever means you use to convey happy, hopeful wishes through the aether.  Being as she has no actual place to live, she’s requested people not try to send “stuff”, but if people desire to give, she requests donations go to the Red Cross Office in Astoria or your local red cross, as they have been amazingly helpful.  Another friend is collecting paypal donations,  if anyone wants to donate, please please send funds via PayPal with the heading go-fish to katebucko AT yahoo DOT com. (Posted in Shannon’s comments, you could email Kate for more information on that).

Mark is going to try to keep people updated on how/what she’s doing.

Oh, [many bad words] I just want everything to be ok….