Man, I love it when Jodi links to my teeny tiny site, here – you guys are going to break the counter, you know it? Thanks for clicking.

Anyway. I desperately want to give you a “real” post here, to wit: a sorta kinda how-to thingie for the Victorian bodice, as a) I’ve been given to understand that some really easy parts of it are “hard”, and want to correct that misconception, and b) people keep google-ing me with “victorian costume” and it makes me feel all bad to not have done this already.

But alas, I am really behind in my work, and totally distractable by things like stacking wood, pampering broody hens, and ehemRAVELRYehem, so I cannot, nay, must not give you said instructional and interesting post (we hope) until I’ve got the bodice to a point that more closely resembles – well – finished. And hopefully on its way to its new home in Californ-i-ay. That would be best.

So for today, all I can offer is a picture of Emily and Krista knitting (remember how I didn’t bring knitting? That’s why _I’ve_ got the camera…


I was going to put up one for the cute baby lovers too, a pic of my niece discovering what flowers taste like. But wordpress seems not to like this picture, it keeps getting weirdly distorted during upload, so we’ll just take that as a sign from the gods and give it a miss today.

Things I really need to do:

  • Finish that bodice
  • Finish that other bodice
  • make a stole
  • take pictures of my yarn until it feels like a movie star
  • one half million pounds of xmas knitting, half of which still needs to be spun first

oh yeah, and

  • dust