Well gee, it’s not that I don’t have anything to say, but I do feel rather out-blogged by certain other people’s big news this week! Can’t even fall back on chicken pictures, after Jennifleur’s post yesterday!

Well ok, maybe one chicken picture.



This big ol’ machine taking the soy off tells me that fall is here – and the weather is finally starting to act like it might be true! I want to kick myself for wishing it would cool down, since I know how cold it’s eventually going to get… but I’ve been driven from the studio by melting heat every day this past week, and I’ve got right sick of it. I never have been a big summer fan, if you don’t count the “I like being out of school” part – and even that was largely because my family went CAMPING by lakes and in the north – where it was COOLER!

Anyway, this year there’s lots of wool, right? How bad can it be?

Yes, you may remind me I said that any time after about February 12th. Sooner, if the pipes freeze. Which they had better not!

On to bloginess. Work progresses on the bodice (look ma, arms!)


and on Tiny Aran, and I have finished the ribbing on Normal Size Aran.

OK, actually I have finished the ribbing, knit most of the way up the first diamond, decided it was “ugly”, checked the measurements six times, confirmed that I’m not crazy and there’s nothing wrong with the measurements (surely a coincidence, I’ve never been this right before) decided it was still “ugly” and frogged it completely. Now I’m finished the ribbing again. This time I don’t think it’s ugly at all (so far), despite having changed nothing. Maybe I just need to be on the second go-around before I’m satisfied with my knitting? I don’t see why that would be true, I’m still on my first marriage, my first dog, I don’t habitually re-cut when sewing, or double-dip when dying – but when it comes to knitting I’m definitely sensing a pattern.

Mind you, when I look over that list I must say that my approach to all of them is still process-oriented. Maybe I just haven’t learned to “see” ahead in knitting as well as I can in other things. I’ve only recently got to the point where I can knit from pictures, and that’s not entirely reliable yet. (Can’t do it at all with lace.) So maybe it’ll come with time. Or maybe I’ll just keep ripping. The wince-y sympathy face Raven makes when I do is kind of fun!

EDIT – or maybe my fingers don’t work. This post would be more organized if I didn’t keep clicking what I didn’t want to click, but I do. So I’m going to give up, hit save, and walk away! urg.