So I’m knitting this “clan aran” for my brother. Which in a moment of obvious insanity I decided to spin all the yarn for and knit the thing by Christmas. In an equal or greater moment of insanity, I decided to knit a teeny tiny matching sweater for his daughter.

(gratuitous cute baby picture)


The pretense of an argument being, that I can knit the sweater up in miniature and ‘test drive’ the pattern, so to speak.

ksaran.jpgSo far I think it’s looking pretty cute.

There’s no actual pattern for this (that I am aware of), I totally just yoinked it off the picture on this site that sells very nice Clan Arans for a great deal of money.


I am thus probably swindling some poor Irish knitter out of her £50 fee, or something. Assuming, of course, that “hand knitted” actually means “hand knitted” in the commercial world, unlike “hand sewn” which means, “not made in a Chinese sweatshop”. But I digress. Anyway, I don’t feel a bit guilty about this, because if the company is going to support its own commercial premise – that there is such a thing as a “clan aran” in any historical sense – then as a member of the clan in question (Kilpatrick) I obviously have every right, nay, responsibility to make one of my own, and should probably even be offended (to stretch a point) that they would presume to expect me to pay for something that already belongs to me.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

The sweaters really are very nice, in a heavy natural wool sort of way, and there are a million of them, despite the apparent lumping of different septs (or indeed different but linguistically related names) under the same sweater. So if you want to go there, for licit or illicit purpose, and scope out some nifty warm things, the site is here.