First, some whining: Spent the last couple of days in horrible pain for a reason that is looking suspiciously like arthritis in my left shoulder. Joy. Not. Couldn’t sew, couldn’t type, couldn’t spin – couldn’t knit either, but I did anyway. This was a Bad Plan, as it turned out, because it really did hurt. A lot. But the alternative was sitting around all day staring at a pile of things that needed doing and thinking, “wow, my shoulder sure does hurt! Yep!” which sounded like a little piece of hell. So, I knitted.

What I knitted was a pair of those Fibre Trends clogs, which I can’t show you a picture of, because I was so excited to get them knitted up that I dropped them in kool-aid and then tossed them in the washer without even thinking to grab the camera. Now they are felting.

So, instead of a picture of silly floppy clogs, you get a picture of the current costume WIP:

front.jpg back.jpg

a reproduction Victorian bodice, out of grape cotton/linen with silk accents. Ah, I’m loving this project. Bands and boning, silk lining… it’s like doing the stuff for Dorian Gray, except for ‘real’. Dreamy.

What else? Oh yes, the furnace! We have finally actually got our wood boiler. Here it is, parked out behind the house


And there it will sit, doing absolutely nothing until next year. Alas. But think of the motivation we’ll have to get the piping done next spring, since every time we look outside this winter, there it will be sitting, smugly, reminding us of how warm we would be if it was only hooked up to something!

Right, that’s all for now, as the last couple of days put me even further behind than usual… I keep resolving, you know, to sit down and make some resolutions… to schedule myself somehow… anybody know where I can get me a nine-day week?