The varnish finally dried on my new hackles. Popped on some David Bowie and spent a merry hour running wool through them, which is SO MUCH BETTER than little cat brushes… although to be fair, I made all the wool that stuck in the nails and was too short to include in my (curly bouncy) top into cat-brush rolags, and that’s what I’ve been spinning

and it seems to be working out fine. I’m saving the “good stuff” right now. Because that’s what the good stuff is for, right? In case the Queen comes along and needs a sweater, or something? I don’t know, I’m just saving it.

Here’s “the good stuff”

In other news, Raven finally came back from Windsor, but we’re going there again today. His grandmother is very ill – ill to the point where they aren’t really doing anything about it now. They are giving her some pain medication, but not enough that she is feeling NO pain, because due to fluid imbalance she’s not always exactly in her right mind now, and if she doesn’t know she hurts she will attempt to climb out of the bed and hurt herself further. She has stopped eating or drinking. She has been saying with increasing clarity for a while now that she feels ready to die, and that is what she is doing. I only hope that if they are letting her go it will not be too prolonged – so does she. Apparently she keeps waking up in her lucid moments, looking around and saying “S–t!”

She’s a good lady, with a great sense of humor and a generous heart. I’ll be sorry to lose her, but knowing her it is impossible not to respect and understand her wishes about dying. I’m glad that I knew her.