I was talking to Emily this morning, and among other subjects whining about not having a drum carder. ( I do not need a drum carder. I just want one because I think they’re neat.) The cat brushes are an awfully plodding way to get through my pile of fleece, however. Knowing that I like top better anyway, as we were talking about my attempts to comb it Emily remembered that she’d found a great “make your own combs/hackle” post, and sent it to me.

So there’s absolutely no point in my telling you exactly step-by-step how I spent my afternoon, since Beth says it so well and so wittily that you should just go read her tutorial. In fact, you should go read it whether you want to make combs or not, because it’s so funny!

Mine don’t look exactly the same, because of course I made them from what I found on the porch (eventually, I believe, that habit will lead to my having a clean porch. I need to believe this.) The nails came from this jar, for example:

(I just now realized how funny it is that there is a discarded pile of DIY magazines on the porch as well)

But they’re generally the same. I even had epoxy resin left over from the masks.

And I know they will work because the first thing I did was line up the nails and test them, and they made wool be nice. Now I’m not-at-all patiently waiting for the epoxy to cure so that I can play with them.

View from my window: Mommas and babies chasing sparrows out of their little yard.

I’ve started letting them outside the fence in the evenings, after the others have mostly gone to bed so they don’t get mobbed. So far nobody has been too interested in beating up baby chickens, but the MommaHens are suspicious and will start fights. Baby chicken #1 is a mighty hunter, and can catch and kill crickets the size of his head! Baby chicken #2 is a big wuss, and won’t even believe bugs are food unless Mommy says so first.