Woo! Hoo!

I have for you: A picture of a sock, thus:

And(!) a pdf pattern for said sock, which (if it were possible to miss it) is in the Giant Green Thing currently flashing and generally behaving offensively in my sidebar, there. I do not like the Giant Green Thing, I do not plan to keep the Giant Green Thing. But I’ve tested it, it works, and so for the time being it is a way to get the pattern, and I’m not going to muck around any further right now, because doing so would be a way of procrastinating posting the pattern and as we all know, that way lies badness.

So. I’ve never done this whole lace-pattern-writing thingie before, but the format is yoinked from sock patterns that make sense to me, so hopefully they will make sense to you, also. I’ve cast on sock number two and will be knitting it from this (legible) version of the pattern, so if I come across any errors I’ll make the changes and let people know, but since I’ve already done this once I’m more likely to miss errata, so if you decide to knit this and find something horrible, don’t just curse my name, let me know too!