Stuff!  Is being done!  By me!

In the last couple of days I have made this skirt

Baked these pies

Finished painting words on this wall:

And knowing what y’all really care about (although it is a cute skirt, you have to admit), I turned the heel on the lace sock:

Which means really I should be able to post the pattern any old when.  I like to do short-row toes, so there won’t be any surprises there, (and if you don’t like short rows do the other kind, it won’t interfere!) and it’s just st. stitch after the lace pattern ends, so length is adjustable.  I’ve got both charts printed and checked and doodled on, and I’ve already started typing out the information and instructions, and I didn’t wimp out on the journal halfway through like I did with the cable socks, so it’s all there to be typed.  So while I’m sure there are more important things I should be contributing to the world than yet another lace sock pattern… that’s what you get.

Oh, there is an update on the tree bog page, (yes, if you hadn’t noticed my toilet has it’s own page) because it has been installed and is working! Hooray for functioning facilities!  Hooray for slightly more distance from one’s own waste products!  Ok, I’ll stop now.  Point is those of you who visit me occasionally might enjoy it more this way!