I want to get work done, really I do. I just don’t want to move. It is so very hot…

There was some progress on the silk spinning, but when I tried to work with it today it felt like either the silk or my hand was melting on contact. Disturbing, either way.

Did get the wedding dress done and dropped off, (pictures on the project page) so that’s good. Only a dozen or so more projects to go! But yesterday and today the only things I can bear to think about making are very small, and preferably with a lot of holes in them. Hence, this sock:

Yes, hang on to your seats folks, I am knitting a sock with sock yarn!!!! This is a first. Also a first is a serious attempt at lace patterning (as opposed to semi-randomly knitting YOs and K2togs etc, just to see what I get…) And more wonderful still? There is a chart! I made a chart, and so I could actually repeat this experience! Or… share it with others! Toldya it was crazy.

Generally speaking I’m pretty happy with it, although I still think there’s some point I’m missing re. what happens AROUND the yarn overs… those sweet little twisty threads, vs an actual stitch between the gaps… I’m not making any sense, am I? It’s the heat.

EDIT never mind, I think I figured that last bit out. Seems to have been a “me knitting stupid” thing, not a pattern thing. I think.