Once upon a time, I had a blog, and I had a camera. And I had the habit of taking pictures. I would take pictures of anything and everything, and later, I would post some of them and scrap the rest. Then my camera went mad, (I expect it’s senile dementia, actually) and I lost the habit of always having my camera because, really – what was the point? Now here I am trying to write about projects and chickens and whatever, and all I can show you are pictures that look like THIS?


Or blurry overworked pictures of chickens who have usually wandered off to do something else by the time the shutter has got ‘round to clicking?

What good is this?

Yep, that sharp cracking sound you might have heard yesterday was my poor little brain going “snap!” which was immediately followed by the purchase of a new camera. A bright, shiny, functional, more-camera-than-I-know-how-to-use camera. I am happy, because now my colours will look like the colours that objects are in the real world, and I’m sure that with practice I will get the hang of this “focus” thing. Raven is happy because he actually does know how to use a camera, and now he has apertures and lenses and lord knows what all else to play with again.

Not everybody likes my new camera. But knowing that it was new, they were patient with me.

So now I have to re-train myself to take pictures, to carry my camera with me – oh yeah, and to learn how this massive thing actually works. That’d be good too.

First, however, I have to clean my house. And then I have to go up to the studio and work very, very hard, because we really could not afford to buy this camera, and decided to purchase it anyway, mostly based on the “ah, but can we afford not to buy it” sort of argument that everybody knows is completely stupid and only a rationalization for what you want to do. It is true, however, that I sell things on line, and that this will probably work out better if my customers can actually see the things they are buying. That’s the theory, at least. To test it, I have to make some things, take pictures of them, and then try to sell them and see what happens.