This is literally true.  Raven turned around the other day, and SQUEEEKSCREAM he stepped on a bunny.  Or at least kicked it, he isn’t sure at all, it happened so fast.  On minute he was watering a sapling, and the next minute there was a tiny baby bunny running around in tight circles on the ground SQUEEEEKSCREEEEEAMing.   And a Very Angry Mommy Rabbit glaring at him from by the pond.

Raven felt terrible, of course.  Out of the corner of his eye he’d seen one bunny “get away” from the monster (him), running to the back of the property but screaming bunny wasn’t moving much, and Momma bunny was staring and glaring and not coming to help because there was a monster (him).  Full of concern he tried to approach baby bunny, who hopped, slowly but competently towards where its sibling had gone.   When I came out on the patio, Raven was standing there, staring at the pond and willing a bunny to appear with its mother as he now feared they’d got lost, or that baby bunny was lying injured in the tall grass.

Investigation uncovered a rabbit run, just about where the babies had both disappeared, so I’m confident they got back home just fine.  I think Momma was hiding by the pond not to wait for them, but because she was afraid to go home with Raven in the way!

That’s all you get today, folks – I’ll be off to Toronto in half an hour to see my niece! (And I’m not even a little bit awake yet – have to start putting back the coffee with a little more speed and attention.