Look at this awful picture:

I think my camera is trying to gaslight me. I don’t know why a tiny piece of seriously outdated technology would have developed such a hate on for me, but there it is. As a result, although I have been “doing stuff” – oh, the stuff I’ve been doing! – I have very little in the way of pictoral evidence.

For example, I got a picture of this bag of (really, really) dirty wool:

but I have no pictures of how much prettier it looks when washed and carded. I’m going to be putting in overtime with the cat brushes, if I don’t break down and buy or make better tech soon, because there are two bags of the stuff. I have no idea what the poundage is, since I don’t actually own a scale that measures more than 500 grams, but it’s two fleeces. I don’t know anything at all about the sheep, they’re not anything special, but it cards up all fluffy and soft – haven’t actually spun any of it yet, which is I know, I know, some kind of newsworthy not-event, but I’ve got three spindles full of stuff going at the moment due to my impulsive spin-whatever-you’ve-got-now-now -now problem combined with some fibre-trading that’s been going on, so I have to get at least one spindle empty before I start on this. That is the rule I made, at least until I have enough orders cleared that I can afford to spend my time generating random stash-fodder!

I’ve been very cheerfully spinning the silk, another job that’s going to take forever, but gosh it feels nice, so although I know there will come an “oh please let this be done” point, right now I’m still really enjoying it.

I did ply the purple mohair with a cotton thread, it wasn’t half as bad as I was expecting it to be. Only one omgitstangling point, and I managed to get out of that before it got too serious. Took a while, but no weeping!

Finished the second pink monkey sock on the road during a sudden and insane trip to Sault St. Marie, Ontario (13 hours there, slept for five hours, grabbed a friend and drove her 13 hours back to our place). Stupid good fun.

Marissa stayed at the farm to take care of the animals, and although one hen died (not her fault in any way, but that sort of thing always seems to happen when I’m not there, which is one of the reasons I hate leaving) two eggs hatched that morning. I had to kill one of the chicks, too, because there was something very wrong with it, and I just couldn’t deal with trying to warm and nurse a sick chick in the house with the dog and (more importantly) cat right now, but then the next morning a miracle chick hatched: The hen had been sitting on it for nearly full term, but she got up and apparently got lost while Marissa was here, and went back to the wrong eggs. She was still broody, so since her eggs were cold, I figured I’d just swap ‘em for some new ones and see how long she’d go, but one of her eggs was cheeping! So I shoved ‘em back under the hen and hoped for the best. Next morning I found she’d wandered off again, but the egg was still chirping. Put her back on again, and three hours later there was a chick in the nest. So we’ve got two new babies, both fine and healthy and very active, as it’s been so by-our-lady hot this week that they don’t really need to spend much time under their mothers.

Hens included for scale.

And for one final terrible picture, the wedding dress is coming along much more nicely than you can tell from this useless shot:

Other than that, Francis the pigeon remembered how to fly and went his own way, the cat is not pregnant (thank goodness) because it’s been too long, she’d be huge by now, and it’s a good thing I’ve got all this stuff to spin because at some point when she manages to dig it out of wherever it is being kept, a friend of Raven’s family is giving me a Loom Of Enormous Proportions. Please let me have the strength to actually warp and use the thing!