Back in high school drama class, we had to do a research paper followed by a class presentation. Typical stuff, pick a playwright from a list and present a short bio and comparative analysis of three of their plays.

This one poor girl, doomed by a stage mother, an improbable name and an interest in theatre that didn’t really meet the standards of either, did her presentation on Shakespeare. It began, “I’ve always had a particular fetish for Shakespeare…” and pretty much went downhill from there.

Leaving aside the appalling images that her misuse of language summoned up, I remember thinking at the time “no, honey. You just like him. Purt’ near everybody likes Shakespeare, that’s why he’s one of them “great poet” types. Liking Shakespeare is not going to be the thing that will spark your acting career. It isn’t interesting. Especially since, as was effectively demonstrated by the presentation and the discussion following , she’d only ever read the plays we all had to read for class.

I wasn’t a very nice person in high school, although at least I didn’t say things out loud much.

It is thus with much apology that I here speak my own obvious and uninteresting delight: in worm spit. Oh man, oh boy oh golly gee oh wow do I like spinning silk. In my next life, I wanna be a caterpillar. It smells good, it feels good, it spins like a dream – where I expected learning curve, I find only a gentle sweep, like drifting out to sea… Who was the person who first thought of this? Some Chinese peasant, idly unwinding a cocoon on a lazy afternoon and thinking “hey, you could really do something with this stuff!” I bet they went around for the next month with their chest puffed out as far as one of my hens. “Oh yeah, I did it, I rock! Beat that, you flax-growing savages!”

Finished Raven’s monkey socks and have cast on the second of mine. That pattern is so cool, and so easy… I finished Raven’s at Artcite on Saturday and now two other people want to try them, so I’m doing my part to spread that monkey madness!

Got the ribbing done on the green and purple thing (last entry) and started the color change, but I think I must have been high on chicken fumes or something when I convinced myself that the colors would work, because they don’t. I’ve stared at it for two days, willing it to stop being ugly, but it ain’t gonna happen. It’s frog time.