To make up for not having Grackle pictures the other day, meet Francis the baby pigeon:

We believe Francis had a run-in with a cat (not Velcro) – at least, the little tonsure on his head and the missing tailfeathers lead us to think so. There may also be something wrong with a wing – it’s not broken, but is possibly sprained, or pulled or something? So right now he’s living in the bedroom (so he doesn’t have a run-in with Velcro as well), technically in a cardboard box, but actually he likes to climb out of the box and sit on the windowsill. Can’t say I blame him, really.

Actual WIPs – I finished one pink monkey sock, then switched to the darker ones for Raven – now I’ve got one of his done (I took a picture but it was horrible) and am turning the heel on the second.

Look how far away my foot looks in that picture – I must be tall!  Can’t wait to tell Raven I have proof I’m not short.

Also I’ve started a sweater, which is very loosely based on the Mary Lynn Patrick hoodie in Vogue Knitting, Fall 2005. (That link just goes to the magazine, I couldn’t find a pic of the actual sweater. I can try and scan the page later if anyone is interested!

Except of course that hoodie isn’t knit in one piece on a circular needle nor is it done with two strands, it hasn’t got cables in the ribbing, and basically I’m just doing something with that approximate shape.

Still slowly spinning the purple – I think I’m going to ply it with a thread; do a sort of chain ply only with two separate pieces, so the thread chains around the purple. Does that make any sense? I think it does – haven’t actually approached the logistics of doing this on a drop spindle, however. The last chain plying I did, with only one strand, turned out quite well, but took a long time and I frequently wished for at least one extra arm, so I’m not sure if I’m setting myself up for tears!

I’ve also officially started saving Charlie’s fur – I’d like to get enough to make a small scarf for my mom. Although she keeps suggesting I make a sweater for Barney the yorkie, which I have to admit does have a certain ironic attraction!

Final reminder – Windsor knitters, the first Artcite get together, this Saturday, 7:30! If I get there early enough, maybe I can grab the other window!