I’m sorry, but I’m still very happy. I realize how utterly boring it must be to read the blog of someone for whom things are going right… I waited quite a while to give things time to go south or at least do some kind of interesting pivot, but no. Good luck and happiness continue. I do apologize.

Coupla things for distraction, though: Today we rescued a baby grackle, for one. It “flew” out of its nest over at Stalkermom & The Ed’s place – right into the yard where Rexie the Wonder Dog lives. (Otherwise known to me as EvilBitchDogRexie, since the times -plural!- she tried to peel my dog Bryan’s face off. She has a few anger management issues, is all.) Rexie, among her other charming qualities, is a huntress of some note. Babybird on his own didn’t stand a chance, especially since by “flew out of his nest”, we are pretty sure we mean “tried to fly and fell on his underfledged little noggin and staggered around dazed for a while”.

Regrettably, I didn’t have my camera and so cannot show you pictures of Raven holding the baby bird and trying to “be” a nest, while I ran all over the yard turning up rocks and hunting worms. Upon finding a worm, I would bring it back to babybird, stuff it in his mouth and then kind of flush it down with water from a pipette, which would stimulate him to swallow. Mom, meanwhile, was cooking up some corn porridge, which when cooled allowed me to sit and drink beer (the intended purpose of the visit) with her and Nest Boy. (My ‘job’ wasn’t so bad: At least I didn’t get coated with baby birdshit!)

We were figuring on bringing him home for a day or two until he could get the hang of this flying thing, but we were pleasantly surprised – not only did he try flying again with much greater success, but the extended family of grackles all came out to cheer him on and call him back to Mommabird and Nest. By the time we left, I’m not sure whether he’d actually made it back to Nest, but the family was still around and watching over him, and he’d got safely out of the yard. Go, Babybird!

What else have I got? Some purple plies – learning curve is a bit steep on the mohair, but I’m getting there. That stuff is slippery! I am spinning it – Gecko Grrl is right, there’s always more fibre… but I’m not talking about “more fibre” right now, let’s change the subject. Look, a bird!

Oh right, we covered birds. How about a wheel? Someone else’s wheel? Now that she has blogged her news, I feel better about telling my side of the “And that’s why Emily has a spinning wheel” story. ‘Cause I’m not just some crazy person who’s giving away equipment, you know. There was a great big hole in the rightness of things, just in the place where Emily’s spinning wheel wasn’t. And I was totally, utterly, absolutely and quite irrationally convinced that this would be fixed. That she should have a wheel, and a wheel would come to her.

Mind you, it doesn’t hurt to kind of prod fate along in these situations. Just in case. Confident though I was that the universe, being so kind to me and mine lately, would look after this problem, I figured that just in case the Christians have something with that “the Lord helps those who help themselves” thing, I’d better put in some effort.

So I started researching wheels, how they work, what is different about different styles, all that good stuff. Because I figured if a wheel hadn’t turned up by the time her borrowed one had to go home, I was going to have to make one. (yes, I was becoming slightly obsessive by this point. It happens.) I picked up a broken chunk of spinning wheel cheaply – the important part that would be the hardest to make, especially if like me, you refused to just go buy plans for a spinning wheel. Because, you know – they’re SO hard to come by. Not.

And then one day, as I was deleting the giant pile of freecycle emails that I delete every day, I found one that said “offer – spinning wheel”. So I climbed back into the chair that I’d just fallen out of and responded.

It took at least two days for the lady to get back to me, which two days are the source of the “cryptic” emails Em refers to, since I knew perfectly well that I was going to get the wheel, because that would be “right” – but until I had it, I couldn’t very well tell Emily! I did get it in the end (of course): the lady told me that she gave it to me “because her daughter’s name is Kelly, and she likes crafts too”.

Thank you, oh Universe.

It has a broken leg, and I think it is missing a small piece of doweling or something in front – something connected to (I think) the yarn brake, that no one ever takes pictures of so I don’t know what it should look like. I can fix both these things.

So you see, it isn’t just me, at least. Things are good. Just keep putting your money in other people’s parking meters, and it will all work out just fine!