A quick and scattered post, since there are several things I need to do today and these are none of them:

Is it creative use of available materials, or is that just PC terminology for white-trash crafts?

4.5 metres of fingering weight (17 wpi) natural tan… St. Bernard fur. Actually about 80% St. Bernard and 20% husky-something mix. Very short staple, but no worse than the cotton really, and actually easier to spin, although a right nightmare to join if you break the ply – fortunately that only happened once. Stalkermom and the Ed’s dogs are shedding their undercoats.

I was persuaded (yeah, like it was difficult) to relocate some more of the IYS over to my house yesterday. Managed to spread the disease a bit though- mom is now also making a pair of monkey socks out of a really nice brightly colored variegated which I didn’t steal the other day specifically because she ought to be knitting socks out of it – and Raven likes the pattern and wants a pair too! Boys in lumpy lace, gotta love it. It really isn’t a particularly ‘girly’ pattern though, especially with the gauge bumped up.

Everyone is used to my watching movies for the costuming, it’s an inevitable side effect of my job/interests – but I’m not the only one who now needs to knit several clunky dark cardigans after watching Pan’s Labyrinth, right? Right?

Finally, in addition to the abundance of awesomeness that the universe has been dropping on my head (I know, you’re sick of it now) there is another kind of abundance going on: I’m really pretty sure the cat is pregnant, and we also have a broody hen.

I’ll try for a more coherent post later when my brain gets its ducks (and thoughts) in a row – and there’ll be a finished sock in about 7 more rounds as well. (Just the one sock so far, I’m not that much of a junkie. Yet.)